10-Minute Exercise Routine: How To Stay Fit Over Age 60?

10-minute exercise routine
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Having lots of trouble getting into shape yet you hate going to the gyms or run on a very tight schedule? Or, are you too tired and cannot afford to hit the gyms? Well, don’t worry. There is a solution for you and you will, beyond any reasonable doubt, like it, the 10-minute exercise routine. Research has proven that 10-minute workout is actually equivalent to hours spent in the gym.

If you are too busy that you don’t have time to hit the gym, then you will be surprised that you can do the exercises, right in your house, that keep you fit till 60. They have been tried and tested all over the world and many users who have used these exercises, have given positive feedback. Here are some suggestions that you may use and the good thing is the fact that they don’t need any special techniques.

Benefits of 10-minute Exercise Routine:

Coupled with the required nutrition, 10-minute workout routine can give you a lot of benefits. They include:

  • Healthy weight loss;
  • Excellent blood flow because they also strengthen your heart;
  • Flush out toxins in the body;
  • Improved immune system;
  • Elevate mood the whole day.

These are just part of the many benefits that you stand to enjoy by making sure that you don’t miss out on your daily 10-minute workouts.


Effective 10-minute Exercise Routines:

10-minute workout routine

  1. Always remember to warm before starting any exercise. Stretch your muscles properly. Warming up is the best way to avoid picking any injury during the exercises. It also makes the exercises quite effective.

  1. Learn to exercise your lungs and heart. Skip a rope or any other related exercise for about 10 minutes. This exercise will strengthen your arms, legs, abs and bum. It is very easy and you can do it in the morning when you wake up or in the evening after returning from work.

  1. The Jumping jack includes you jumping high into the air with your legs spread apart and afterwards returning to an initial position with your feet together and the arms back to their sides. It is also suggested that you try doing it while clapping to make most of your body be in the active mode. If you do this as your 10-minute exercise routine daily, then you are assured of being fit till 60.

  1. This weight loss exercise helps a lot to stabilize your lower body part. It’s also quite simple and one can do it at any place. Help to make your legs firm. With proper nutrition one is good to go. One should warm up before the start of the 10-minute exercise routine. To do this you need to stretch your hands to the front, and then make sure your feet are flat and make them wider than your shoulders. At this position you start a squat making sure your head is held up high and your back is straight. Go down till your thighs are parallel to the ground then get back up. Do this for 10 minutes on a regular basis and your fitness is guaranteed.

  1. Push-ups or Knee push-ups

The push-ups are a common exercise to many, since it’s simple and doesn’t involve much. It involves lying on your stomach and lifting your body mass with your hands as you move upwards and downwards. The knee push-ups are a kind of push-up that is done with your legs facing up as you lie on your stomach from your knees. 30 reverse lunges per side.

  1. This 10-minute exercise routine is also quite a good suggestion. It’s highly recommended for those who are looking to burn lots of calories within minimum time. It brings to weight loss. It involves you standing straight, and then taking a large step backwards with your right leg. Then go down on you hip till your left leg comes to a 90 angle. Then make your right leg to almost touch the ground and remember at this point your left foot is slightly raised. In the same position, move up and down and then reverse your footings.

  1. This involves a lot of energy and makes your whole body to be firm. Such exercise requires you to have proper nutrition in order for one to remain fit. You do this by imaging that you want to sit on a chair with your arms at the back holding your body weight against the chair on the edge. Then move your feet ahead and slowly lower your body downwards away from the sit with your weight being supported by your arms at the edge. Do this continuously and attaining fitness till 60 is a guarantee. It’s amazing what this 10-minute exercise routine can do for you.

How Effective Is The 10-Minute Exercise Routine?

It is very effective as one Tony Caterisano, PhD, exercise scientist and professor in the department of health sciences at Furman University will tell you. He actually advises people to begin the 10-minute exercise routine at an early age as opposed to waiting until one is old. In addition, proper nutrition is a very important when engaging in this routine. You should have a well-balanced diet to enable you get positive results. In other words, right nutrition plus the 10 minutes’ exercise routine will most certainly guarantee you a healthy and fit you even at 60. Who wouldn’t like that?



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