2 Things That Separate An Average Lifter From An Elite Lifter

Written by Joe

What keeps an average lifter from being an elite lifter? I bet I see that question at least one time per week in some form on various message boards. Most of the time you get twenty people talking about how they need to adjust this or that, or that they should or shouldn’t be doing certain lifts. I am going to drop a bomb shell on you guys, it’s even more simple than that!

The difference comes down to two things, but both are forever connected.

From Average To Elite

#1 – Ability to Follow a Training Program

The first is your ability to follow a training program to the best of your ability. You must have a plan when you walk in the door. It also must be a logical plan that matches your goals.

Your program must be inline with your overall and long term goals. The plan is just that, a plan, but the best plan in the world means nothing without the second part of reason number one,”the best of your ability.”


Each person has a different skill set, but none of which will stop you from being the best you can personally be. I am not saying that every person can be an elite level lifter, but you can reach your own potential levels. I had a college football coach who preached “it takes no talent to give great effort.”

The more I think back to that, the more I know he was right. I see it all the time with people I help train online. I can do my best to guide you through a good program, but most of the time it is their effort that is holding them back.

#2 – Ability to Stay Injury Free

The second reason is the ability to stay injury free. Like I said previously, these things are forever connected. Only you will know if it just muscle soreness or a pulled muscle. Only you will be able to know if you should stick to your program that day or just rest and let it heal.

I know what some of you are thinking! Yes, I did just get done talking about maximizing your effort and selling out to your program. That does not change the fact that your potential level will drastically change with a major injury.

To be an elite level lifter you must have the ability to listen to your body. What happens If you do not learn to pick up on the small cues your body gives you that it is worn down and a potential injury is near? You get injured! I say this because I a speaking from experience.

I did not listen to my body and it cost me a year of training. It is obvious that the lack of ability to train will negatively effect your ability to be an elite lifter.

Final Thoughts

So from my perspective, the difference in average and elite is simple. One, follow a sound training program that matches your goals to best of your ability. Two, learn to listen to your body so that you can stay injury free.

If you do those things you will reach your potential, whether that is an elite level is another topic for one on one discussion.

Author: Jonathan Byrd

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