24-hour Fitness: Checklist To Follow Round The Clock

24-hour fitness program
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Lack of plan is a path to failure when you have some goals to achieve in life. To maintain 24-hour fitness, a well written schedule or checklist is paramount. It is the best guide and motivator when you are carrying out your daily fitness activities. 24-hour fitness or what some people call anytime fitn
ess offers exercise classes to groups or individuals. It is important to have a checklist as you follow your fitness program. The checklist helps you measure the rate of improvement as well as acting as a schedule for your daily workouts.

Apart from the training guidelines that you will get from your instructor, there is always a part that you will need to play and it will determine whether your program will be a success or a total flop. This is the point where 24-hour fitness gets tough for a number of people. Training experts are always quick to warn that 24 hour is definitely not a walk in the park; if you decide to take this program then you must have decided from deep down your heart.

Understanding 24-Hour Fitness:

The 24-hour fitness program can give exemplary results if only you will take some time and understand what it all entails. You will need to understand what you are required to do in order to get where you would like to be in terms of fitness. If it is your first time to take this program, you will, without doubt, need some advice from an expert.

Your 24-hour fitness program checklist will, in a big way, be determined by your age. That is for the reason that there are different packages of training programs for different age group.

In other words, the kind of exercises that a 50-years-old will be subjected to might be different to what a 13-years-old will do. But don’t worry; all the guidelines that you will need for successful 24-hour fitness are discussed in this article. The guidelines discussed below are inspired by fitness tips given by Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, MD, health expert and former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General.

Items to consider while making a 24-hour fitness checklist:

  1. Objectives

While laying out your objectives, ensure they are measurable. Instead of just saying, ‘I want to lose weight’, you can say I want to lose 30 pounds in the next two weeks’. Having tangible figures in your objectives helps you while you are assessing your improvement. You should dedicate your zeal to achieving your objectives. To boost your zeal, you can indicate the benefits of achieving your objectives besides the objectives write-up.

  1. Self-competition

Intrinsic motivation comes as a result of competing with you. As results are not abrupt, it is important to try as much as possible to beat your own record. Therefore, you need to record your improvements every time you assess yourself.

  1. Positive mind-set

Having the right mind-set is the best drive towards achieving your objectives. You can do this by having positive objective statements. Instead of exercising to lose weight you can state you are exercising to stay healthy.

  1. Commitment

It is important to build a strong commitment with yourself and your exercise routine. Always ensure you take your workouts serious and follow your set schedule strictly.

24-hour Fitness Checklist – Questions To Ask Yourself:

It is of much importance to have measuring tools when you register for a 24-hour fitness program. The tool can be in form of questions as illustrated below and helps you track your progress.

  • How long can you touch your toes with your legs straight?
  • How many flights of stairs can you climb without running out of breath?
  • How many push-ups can you do without applying much effort?
  • Have you achieved your ideal weight?
  • How easily do you wake up after a period of sitting on the floor?
  • Do you like your body shape?
  • Do you feel zippy?
  • Are you able to get good sleep?
  • How well do you breathe?
  • Do you have a straight posture and like your gait or stance?
  • Are you able to follow your nutrition chart?

The answers to the above questions should show an upward trend every time you ask yourself. You should also remember to have a daily schedule that you follow strictly.

What To Consider While Laying Out Your 24-Hour Fitness Schedule?

  • Your work schedule;
  • Time required for your 24-hour fitness class;
  • Time you spend with your family;
  • Consider exceptional/unusual days like holidays.

You can have a weekly or a monthly schedule where you check every day after your workouts.

Types Of Exercises For A Rewarding 24-Hour Fitness Program:

These are exercises that you, adults, will need to start with 30 minutes for five days. For a start, the exercisers are split into moderate intensity and vigorous intensity. They are usually more of a graduating process. That is, it is advisable to start with the moderate exercises such as golfing, car washing or even biking before graduating to the vigorous stage. Once you hit the vigorous stage, you will require doing exercises such as taking walks uphill, engaging yourself in sports or even climbing stairs on a regular basis.

According to experts like Susan Blumenthal, strength exercises should be taken with a break of one in between the training days in order to get the much important rest. They include about 8 exercises that ought to be repeated some 10 times each day of practice. Strength exercises include sit-ups, muscle strengthening and push-ups.

24-hour Fitness

Running is a vital part of keeping fit round the clock. It is also an essential component of 24-hour fitness. You can decide to run either in the morning or evening. You can run along the road, in the countryside or even the beach if you are lucky enough to live near one. There is no much knowledge required here. However, while in your house, you can play something like a DVD which has the basic that you will follow during your running.

However, if you don’t want to run along the roads, you can still go to a gym and still have an exercise that will be a perfect alternative to running. A trainer or even fitness pal will help you in the workouts and even make it more of fun.

Remember that it is very important to stretch once you are done with any exercise as well as maintain the recommended nutrition.


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