24-Hour Fitness: Important Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Daily Workout Program

Written by Joe

You think that you need to have special and exact time of the day to do your exercise or you think that you’ll never be able to exercise because you don’t have enough free time? You’re wrong because you can do a 24-hour fitness without even feeling stressed because of it! And with a little effort your whole day can become one big and efficient exercise!

How To Start With A 24-Hour Fitness?

The first thing you need to do is to start to move! We are used to going to work, shopping or even to the gym with our car! We are so lazy and we hardly walk at all! That’s wrong! We lose so much time in traffic every day and it often happens that we could arrive at the same time if we walked instead. We constantly complain that we don’t see the sun at all and that we’re in a bad mood, but it could all change with only 20 minutes a day spent at the sunlight. Sun stimulates the production of very important vitamin D and it also gives us warmth and the energy. So, if you walk to your work, walk to the market, walk to visit your family and friends or walk a dog, you can only benefit from it and you’ll have a free, 24-hour fitness.

We all meet our friends and family. Instead of sitting at home or in a bar for 1-2 hours, try walking instead. You’ll feel better after it and you’ll know you did your workout. If you don’t have a walking companion, you could consider the idea of getting a dog. It’s a great friend to a human and you can take it anywhere. It will also inspire you to move and run with it and it will make you much happier. Little things can help you.

Did you ever think about turning your favorite music in the kitchen while you prepare your food or clean? Yes, it will stimulate you to move faster and even to dance. Well, it’s a great thing! It will make you feel happier, more relaxed and you will have a simple workout as well. And it’s all while you enjoying your favorite songs, it couldn’t be simpler than that!

People are beings made for movement and no barrier should be able to stop us. Any of us should be able to move towards a goal and our goal should be nothing less than a 24-hour fitness. It will be hard to achieve it, or maybe not?

Benefits of A 24-Hour Fitness:

It’s important to start and the more you do, the bigger results you will have. The more time you spend in movement and occupied with good things, the less time you will have to sit in front of your TV or a computer and eat unhealthy food. You will feel happier with yourself.

We all need the feeling that we have managed to do something good in our lives and achieving goals will motivate us even more and it also will reflect to all the other important things in our life. You will have more energy.

It’s proven that if you stimulate your body daily with any type of workout, it will get used to it and you’ll be ready to do all your daily tasks easily without feeling anger or hate. You will have a positive influence to the others.

You will inspire the people around you to do the same thing and you will feel happy about it. You know what they say – “Healthy spirit is in a healthy body”!

Your Fitness Plan:

You can create your own fitness plan or you can follow some of our suggestions:

  • Take a short walk in the morning. Morning is the best time to fill your body and spirit with energy. Even the short morning walk will make you feel strong and happy. If you have a dog, take it in walk with you. You’ll both enjoy it.

Even if your work is far from your home and you can’t walk all the way, you can always leave the bus one stop earlier or you can park your car a bit further from the entrance to your office. It will mean a lot to stretch and to walk a bit, especially after a long and sitting day at work.

  • We often complain that our children are constantly at home watching TV or playing games at the computer. Well, do something about it! You can take them out and you both can enjoy in your activities. Call a friend to walk or a jog on the weekend.

You’d say that one walk won’t do much, but seeing a person you care about and doing things together will make you both feel happy about it and it’s always the best way to talk in private about the things you don’t want to share with none else. Sign yourself to any activity.

  • Anything you do can be your 24-hour fitness program, but if you want to get bigger results, you can sign yourself to a Pilates, Yoga, basketball, boxing or you can put on your sneakers and you can start running. All you need to do is to find the right exercise for you!

  • Don’t give up after a day or two. Write down a program with activities and start to follow it. Soon you will see that your body will get used to it and it will “ask” you for the activity itself. As hard as it is to start, the same hard it will be to stop, but the second time you’ll feel great about it! Oh, I don’t think I can do it!

  • Oh, do you still think that you don’t have enough time to exercise? Well, maybe that’s because you don’t use a bike? Bike has been used for transportation as long as we can remember and it can get you fast anywhere especially in the rush hour! You can use it always and it’s great for your free time. Not to mention how much calories you can spend while enjoying this fast mean of transport!

When they see your activities, your friends and family will also be motivated to join you. Don’t be the one who follows the others and admires them all the time. Why wouldn’t you be the motivator and make people tremble when they see your energy? Because the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have! Try it and you’ll see it’s true!

A lifetime plan

So, next time you see the stairs don’t run from them and next time you see the sun don’t close your window. You have been created to enjoy the life fully with your body and you can do it in the best way if you turn your whole life into something positive. Go, move and find your own way of a 24-hour fitness! And, if you like the idea, share it with others!

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