7 Top Reasons To Stick To Your Exercise Plan

Written by Joe

Our bodies are designed to be in motion. And yet, many people barely move  at all; this is increasingly true, even of children. Many diseases that are in epidemic proportions, such as diabetes and heart diseases, are directly related to the lack of  adequate movement and exercise. There  is no drug or vitamin that has as many  health benefits as sticking to our exercise plan. Fortunately, you need not go back to the days before cars and other modern conveniences in order to stick to our exercise plan.

Twenty minutes of physical exercise a day helps to prevent a large number of common diseases. These are very good reasons to stick to our exercise plan. So why do so few of us exercise? Part of the reason is that we have forgotten the joy that comes with moving our  bodies. To get back on track, begin paying attention to the kinds of movements your body loves,and build from there. Start with small goals that will help you stick to your exercise plan, this will allow your body and mind to get on board instead of rebel.



Find exercise that appeal to you this can help us stick to our exercise plan.

To get the most of you exercise plan, be mindful of your target heart rate and adjust the intensity of your workout to your needs.

Exercise plan should also be incorporated in stretching and weight-bearing exercises.


1. Prevent degenerative diseases.

2. You will feel better and light.

3. You will have more energy.

4. Your work will be more efficient.

5. You will feel less stressed.

6. Sticking to our exercise plan also make us stay in shape for long.

7. Sticking to our exercise plan gives us fulfillment.

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