Addicted to Soft Drinks? Shocking BBC Revelation About Coca-Cola and Ways To Stay Fit 24 Hours

Written by Joe

Statistics show that half of Americans drink coke or other soft drinks on a regular basis. Being addicted to soft drinks is not something cool and in the long run they are bound to impact your health and fitness. Period!

I am going to start with a SHOCKING TRUTH following a recent interview with James Quincey, president, Coca Cola Europe, it came to light that when you go to the movies and drink one small jug of Coke you are in fact taking 23 sachets of sugar, what is even more scary is that when you drink from the big jug you are in fact taking 44 sachets of sugar.


James Quincey however argues that the company is now more engaged in bringing that information out for the public to make a decision on what to take, so as to reduce the amount of calorie intake. Just the other day though Coca-Cola declared a plan to assist people become active and set a target of inspiring 3 million persons. As said in the press release, Coca-Cola’s weight loss effort highlights the company’s international obligations to fight fatness and be part of the answer.

Oh, the paradox.

Every year, the average American drinks 43 pounds of sugar from soft drinks only. If Coca-Cola would like to teach people concerning health and nutrition, perhaps they ought to advertise the connections between refined sugar and fatigue, violent behavior, depression, hardening of arteries, skin irritation, headaches, acne, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity and nervous tension. Or perhaps they ought to carry out a public service broadcast concerning how, in line with brain checks, sugar is addictive like cocaine.

Coca-Cola’s statement highlights that the group provides little or no calorie alternatives in each market. What the statement does not point out is that even artificial sweeteners have been connected to obesity as they increase longings for other sugary, harmful foods.

The company praises itself for placing caloric information on the face of all wrapping. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola does nothing to inform customers that not all calories are the same. Unlike the calories in lots of the foods people eat, soft drink calories are “empty” and come with no any dietary gain.

So what is this Sugar?

It is extremely addictive, dreadfully debilitating, regrettably pervasive, and freaking scrumptious

If one had to identify ONE cause to the country’s swelling waistlines and quickly deteriorating physical condition, it would be sugar.  The mayhem sugar and sugar replacements have caused in many countries is horribly disheartening.  Fear not, as there is a 24-hour fitness plan to help you out! Eat a lesser amount of sugar if you would like to live longer. The end! Just joking, there is a lot more to this than that.


As countries have grown (in other ways than one), sugar has kept on playing an all the time more important role in the food people eat.  It is not only sugary foods like chocolate and cookies either; however, sugar has made its route into almost EVERYTHING you eat.

Regrettably, it is not just sugar that is killing people, however scientifically manufactured “sugar” also. What happens in the body when you eat sugar?

Sugar is the livelihood of the cavity crawls!

Past that, your body processes sugar in an extremely particular way.

Once you eat sugar, your body has two choices on how to handle it:

Burn it for energy.

Change to fat and amass it in your fat cells.

Depending on your hereditary inclination, your body may be better prepared to process sugar as energy, or you may be more prone to amass it as fat.  Imagine this like you imagine people with quicker metabolisms against people with sluggish metabolisms.

The issue is, there is a LOT of extra space for fat storage, and little space to burn the sugar to energy.

Therefore, you have this sugar in your blood stream and body. What happens next? Once your pancreas senses a sprint of sugar, it discharges a hormone known as insulin to take care of all of that surplus sugar.

Insulin assists control that level of sugar within your blood; the additional sugar in the blood stream, the more insulin is discharged.

Now, oftentimes your body fights to get that stability right (with you putting a lot of sugar in your system extremely fast). TOO much insulin is discharged, which in the end results in your blood sugar falls below regular levels.

This is known as hypoglycemia, basically a sugar crash: your body responds by informing you: I WANT SUGAR.

So you stuff sugar down your throat and the process begins once more.


Effect of Coke on your body in the initial 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar go into your system. (100% of your commended every day intake.) You do not instantly throw up from the irresistible sweetness since phosphoric acid slashes the flavor permitting you to maintain it down.20 minutes: initial effect of coke on your body. Your blood sugar goes up, leading to an insulin explode. Your liver counters this through changing whichever sugar it finds into fat. 40 minutes: The Caffeine assimilation is over. Your pupils’ enlarge; your blood pressure goes up; as a reaction your livers deposit additional sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your head are currently blocked preventing sleepiness.

Your body increases your dopamine creation, stimulating the happiness insides of your brain. This result of coke is actually the same manner heroin works, incidentally.60 minutes: while the rave within you dies down you will begin to have a sugar hurtle. You might become touchy and/or slow. You have also now, factually, pissed away all the water that was in the Coke. However, not before filling it with important nutrients your body could have utilized for things like even having the capability to hydrate your system or make physically powerful bones and teeth. So how do you lose that weight while overcoming the addiction?

Regardless of how you cut it, your weight loss is decided by your metabolism. A revved-up metabolism will effortlessly yield additional weight loss than a slow one. The excellent news is that you do encompass power over your addiction and fat-burning capability! Drink water

Water is the number one option when striving to lose weight. If you want it to taste, include slices of fruit, for instance, lemons, limes or oranges. The normal sweetener Stevia is as well a healthier option rather than chemical replacements.

Cut the sugar!

Stop drinking your coke soda, you can either reduce gradually or adjust to evade migraines. Imagine this: Your body is burning fat (from your hips, perhaps?), And suddenly it obtains a flood of sugar. It will make use of the sugar as energy and quickly end burning the fat. So in actual fact, cut the sugar. Work out!

It is important that you engage yourself in a 24-hour fitness plan every day to burn fat.


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