Body Weight Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Written by Joe

These body weight exercises given below can help to burn calories, build muscles and also to boost metabolism.



Skaters and leaps are exercises that strengthen the leg. This is a good exercise for the sports person and it brings about an improvement in the grace and speed. For doing perfect leaps, one should get into semi-squat position and jump sideways. After that, land on the right foot. The same process should be repeated in the opposite direction and then one must land on the left foot. These leaps can be performed regularly for strengthening the legs.

Plank Crawl


Crawling is one of the best plank variation. This exercise routine helps in toning the shoulders, back and abs. With crawls, the lower and upper body is used in unison. For doing a prank crawl, a push-up position should be taken. Then one must lower herself down to the plank position by bringing about a balance in the toes, elbows and forearms. Now one must balance on one arm and then come back to initial push up position. The same process should be repeated by alternating arms. The straight body has to be maintained during the routine.



Squats are a good exercise option for legs and buttocks. The squat is a position in which one sits or couches with knees bent close to the heels. The thighs should be kept parallel to the floor. This is a full body workout in which the primary focus is the buttocks, thighs and hips. If there is some difficulty in doing this exercise routine, the same can be tried by sitting on the chair and standing up. Now, this process should be repeated a number of times for toning the body and providing benefits to it.

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