Do you Keep Track of your Daily Calorie Intake?

Daily calorie intake
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Life is busy and we tend to forget the amount of daily calorie intake we should take. Have you ever imagined to track this daily calorie intake? If you haven’t considered it yet, then you should DO IT NOW.

It plays a big role in monitoring your nutrition. You need to know your calorie intake to keep track of your 24-hour fitness plan, to stay healthy and to live longer. But besides that you also need to have a physical activity or a daily exercise routine, it helps you to lose weight and keep you fit. But first you need to know what calories are.

What they do? How they affect your health? What is a Calorie?

high calorie intake

A Calorie is a unit that measures body energy. You get your energy from calories. In food calories are referred to as kilo-calories. But a high calorie intake can result to some disease and health conditions like, kidney stones, diabetes and as you gain weight due to high calorie intake it can also result in cardiovascular diseases. What should you do?

You should take the right food to have enough daily calorie intakes that will help keep you fit. But you should not worry when you get a slightly higher amount of calorie, because exercise will help you burn it. By exercising you will be burning excess calories and lose that excess weight too. What is the daily calorie intake?

Your daily calorie intake requirement depends mainly on age, weight, daily activity and lifestyle. It may vary from one person to another since lifestyle and body built are considered. But the daily calorie intakes are approximately 2,200 to 2,700 calories according to the World Health Organization. It is also important to consider the right amount of calories depending on the activity you are doing.

Some researchers say that taking a large amount of calories in the morning can help you lose weight. This is because you store those large amounts of energy in the morning to be used while doing your daily activities.

Example of food and calorie amount


Here is one example of food and the calorie amount they contain. Instead of eating a delicious known fast food burger that contains approximately 700 to 1000 calories and approximately 40 to 64 grams of fat, you can substitute it with a vegetable sandwich which contains 400 to 500 calories and 15 grams of fat compared to hamburgers.

Different foods carry different amounts of calories. So it is important to keep track of your daily calorie intakes. It is not that hard to know your daily calorie intake, you can calculate it yourself. Almost all foods have their own nutrition chart that you can rely on to count your daily calorie intake.

There is also the Harris-Benedict simple formula which can help you calculate your daily calorie intake, through assessing your Basal Metabolic Rate. And after assessing your BMR you can now add it to your daily activity needs. But whatever formula you use to calculate your daily calorie intakes, it is important that you exercise frequently to stay fit 24 hours. Be conscious and be healthy all the time.

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