Exercise Plans For Women At Home Without Using Any Equipment – You should Read These

exercise plans for women
Written by Joe

Every woman wants that ‘out of this world’ body tone and shape which is a center of sensation and admiration. With good exercise plans for women it is possible to achieve that within a very short period of time. More women than men spend most of their days at home, hence is important to have a home based workout plan; plans that works for you wherever you are whatever you do at home.

Since homemaking does not involve heavy tasks that can enhance physical activity as you work you need to set aside some time for your daily exercise lest you add weight and lose your shape. That is why it is important to have an exercise plan. Free weights and other machinery, though still important are not a necessity. You can try the equipment free methods illustrated below and discover just how much you can achieve within no time.

Tips on making a daily exercise plan


  1. To enhance fitness at home for women with no equipment, the first thing to consider is nutrition.

It is important that you plan your nutrition before you move on to plan for your daily workouts. A good nutrition plan maintains the energy you lose during exercise. Foods are also associated to moods; it is therefore important that you take a balanced, nutritious meal then plan your daily exercise plan.

  1. Set aside some time daily for your workouts.

It is evident that everyone gets busy; if therefore there is no schedule for what they do they are more likely to forget or just skip some of their duties. You should set regular time daily and stick to that.

  1. Follow your set exercise plan strictly every day making minor changes where you deem necessary until the schedule parallels your day’s activities.
  2. Choose different workouts for each day.

There are different types of workouts you can undertake to fit different parts of your body as explained later in this post. Interchange the types without shying from being adventurous.

Types of equipment free exercise plans for women


The living room should make the best gym for you in case you find it hard to visit the gym daily. Below are good workout exercises you can use to keep fit.

  1. Squats: Squats are easy to carry out and are perhaps the most common equipment free exercise. They help strengthen your leg muscles and the butt. They are an effective way of achieving those legs and butt that most women dread for. A 10 minutes daily squat routine will be sufficient to keep you fit.
  2. Pull ups: Pull ups are important in working your back muscles, the forearms and the biceps. Though there are machines to help you carry out pull ups, it is important that you hold your weight to enhance fitness. Ten minutes of pull ups a day are good to get you going.
  3. Walkouts around the compound. Brisk walking is the best type of exercise walking.
  4. Stair walking: you can hold some weight and walk up the stairs.
  5. Bear crawl: crawl starting with your hands and your knees and proceed to the toes.
  6. Frog jump: hold your ears with your hands then squat and jump as many times as possible.
  7. Plank: lie straight on your back and hold your body by your hip while lifting the rest of it.

Importance of home fitness exercise plan

  • They are cheap compared to visiting the gym.
  • They are easy to carry out.
  • They do not carry some of the risks associated with gym
  • They ensure 24-hour fitness

General advantages of equipment-free exercises

  • Equipment-free exercises help in stabilizing muscles something which will in return go a long way in helping you make some wonderful moves as well as gaining a lot of strength.
  • These exercises also come handy in a number of sports activities.
  • They are versatile. That is, it is possible to do various exercises continuously without harming your body.
  • Equipment-free exercises are inexpensive, doesn’t require a lot of space and, at the same time, are portable.

I hope all you beautiful ladies might have got several exercise plans for women and looking forward to see you all fit.

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