How to Perform Wide Grip Lat Pull Down Exercise?

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Now after working out your shoulders the next part of the body that needs extra care is your back. Many men would definitely agree to the fact that they hit the gym not just to lose all those extra pounds but to attain that perfect V-shape body. They strive really hard to get that perfect look. After all, bigger shoulders and a lean V-shape body is every man’s dream.

As read above, the key to real bodybuilding is adding muscle mass to your shoulders to make them look bigger than they really are. The broader the shoulder the leaner you look. Now that doesn’t mean that you just work on your shoulder to get the v shape body you always dreamt of. There are certain exercises that need to be practiced to attain the V-shape body you always wanted. One of the exercises that work on the arms, shoulder as well as back muscle is wider grip lat pull down exercise. When you do wide grip lat pull exercise, it exerts pressure on your biceps and middle back, especially the triangular muscles on either side of the back, thereby helping you build a stronger back and also improve your body posture.


Learn how to perform wide grip lat pull down exercise:

Be it beginners or advanced body builders it is always advisable to start with warm up exercises as it helps you loosen your body muscles and prepare yourself for your main exercises. A warm up exercise mainly includes very light aerobic exercise for 10 to 15 minutes.

Once you are done with the warm ups, sit on the cable station above, which will have a long bar attached, suspended from the cable. Make yourself comfortable by taking a steady position using the pads above your knees. This will help you when you apply effort to pull down the bar. Now grab the long bar attached to the cable, while your palms are facing away from you and while your hands are a little more apart than your usual shoulder width. This will be your starting position.

Now from the starting position pull the bar closer to your chest. Let your shoulders remain downward throughout the movement. When you pull the bar, raise your chest and slightly push your elbows a little forward, forming a curl on your back to separate your lats.

As you exhale, bring the bars close to your chest and press your lats.

Now inhale and slowly push the bar upward, leaving it in the former position, while you get back to your starting position.

Repeat this exercise until the sets are completed. Each set should involve a minimum of 10-12 reps.


If this exercise is done properly, then it helps you get a stronger and a broader back and also improves your body posture. If you wish to get a perfect V-shape between your shoulders and your waist then this is the best exercise for you. But remember if done incorrectly then it may hit you very badly instead of helping you get the shape.

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