Weight loss with Lemon and Honey In 21 Days – You Should Try This!

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Lemon and honey have been known to treat some illnesses like preventing kidney stones, improving digestive system or fighting colon cancer. Off late, people have started talking about weight loss by lemon and honey.

Does it really work? Let’s discuss further.

As more and more people are eating out and in fact eating high sugar foods it is important that a good weight loss program is established to accommodate this. You cannot underestimate the effects of being overweight with all the lifestyle diseases it is associated with. Maintaining a good nutrition is the best way to stay fit and healthy. You should check this lemon and honey mechanism to lose weight in 21 days. But before that let’s see what are the main cause of weight gain.

Main causes of weight gain

According to Gabi Rose, a weight loss expert with many years of experience in this field, there are a number of causes that can lead to putting on more and unwanted weight.

Some are stated below:

  • Depression;
  • Boredom;
  • Stress;
  • Insufficient sleep;
  • Too much alcohol;
  • Consuming too much fats, carbohydrates and sugar.

Importance of honey in weight loss and general fitness.


Honey is known to neutralize toxins mistakenly ingested to the body. It also helps the body in its digestion. Once honey is eaten, it stimulates production of bile and other enzyme used in human digestion therefore aiding in the whole process of digestion. It also stimulates the body to release regulatory hormones that help in fast burning of calories within a short duration of exercise.

Eating honey will make you feel content reducing your rate of eaten. You therefore tend to eat less and less thereby reducing your weight within a very short time.

Honey in itself contains enzymes and will hence metabolize all the food you eat within no time and afterwards aid in burning of calories.

It is important to note that honey works best at its natural state. It should not be heated or processed while consumed to maintain it functionality. 200 grams of honey will suffice your weight loss need perfectly.

Importance of lemons in weight loss


Lemons are acidic and will therefore be used by the body mostly to burn calories. Once consumed, lemons enter the body system and aid in burning body calories. Note that no exercise is needed to lose weight while eating lemons.

Just like honey, it contains enzymes that may directly digest ingested food or stimulate release of other enzymes that digest food.

Honey and lemon work best while integrated into other foods; they may not be prepared together but eating them together with other foods works miracles if you want to lose weight. Therefore, integrate natural honey and lemon into your diet and note the change after 21 days. Yes, they work that fast.  Note that with lemon you can have the processed one. Mostly lemon juice is more common than the fruit itself: either way, it works the same.

Why choose honey and lemon for your weight loss program?

They are cheap and readily available.

They do not consume most of your time as you do not need to visit the gym.

They come with other additional benefits besides weight loss.

They form part of your diet.

You do not sweat out or tire like when performing exercises.

It is important that you stay well hydrated to enhance a smooth working of honey and lemon. Water is of importance it washes out the waste that remain in the intestines and a good way to detoxify. It is advisable that you explore other methods of weight loss programs.

General benefits of healthy weight loss

Wondering what benefits will weight loss bring into your life? They are numerous!

Top on the list is guaranteed sexual satisfaction. According to survey that was done on more than 1200 people from various weights as well as sizes by Duke University Medical Center, it became evident that obese people reported or expressed dissatisfaction in their sex life. Therefore, according to this survey you can better your sex life by losing unnecessary weight and maintain the right weight.

Another and very important benefit of weight loss is the fact that you will definitely save your wallet. When you maintain the right weight, you will stay away from weight related health complications such as heart problems as well as diabetes and therefore, you will not be regular in any given hospital.

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