What To Eat For Breakfast for Getting In Shape?

Written by Joe

All too often we are short on time in the mornings and this can present one of the biggest roadblocks to getting in shape. According to many health coaches, the meat and nut breakfast is a great way to start your day. It’ll help you get leaner and keep your mind clearer throughout the day, so work productivity is high. Therefore, a high protein healthy breakfast has become one of my top tips for getting in shape.

What don’t you know about CEREALS?

The majority of today’s cereals offer very little in the way of good nutrition. I was discussing the state of today’s breakfast cereals with a dietitian earlier this year. He told me that in preparation for a program on ‘More 4′ he examined many of the popular cereals of today and found them to contain the equivalent of 15 teaspoons of sugar per bowl. Because of this alarmingly high sugar content, they wreak havoc with your blood sugar level and consequently your insulin levels. The hormone insulin is also referred to by some doctors as the ageing hormone and of course, poor management of this can lead to diabetes.


For getting in shape, one thing I strongly advise is to control your blood sugar. This can be done by avoiding certain carbohydrates first thing in the morning. Try to choose breakfast foods that are higher in proteins and fats. If time is a factor in the mornings, then prepare something the night before. The following examples are easy to do:

  • 2 Venison burgers and 2 poached eggs with a handful Brazil nuts, or
  • 2 Turkey breast steaks with a handful of cashew nuts and a small cup of blueberries.

If you eat breakfast on the go, then chop up the meat and hard-boiled eggs into bite size pieces, pack them in a lunch-box with the nuts and berries. Pack a fork and you’re good to go. If your stomach acid is low, then a meat and nut breakfast might be tough on your digestive system. If this is the case, try supplementing your diet with a good digestive aid.

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